Car Insurance For Convicted Drink Drivers
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A video introduction to DR10 Insurance

Here at DR10 Insurance UK, our aim is to find the cheapest DR10 insurance for convicted drink drivers. If you have a driving conviction it will be very difficult to find cheap car insurance and the team at can help

Most car insurance companies will either refuse to offer DR10 insurance or increase their quotes by hundreds or even thousands of pounds. DR10 Insurance UK understand why standard car insurance companies do this, as a convicted drink driver is seen as a high risk customer who may commit further motoring offences.

However, DR10 Insurance UK do not think it’s fair that drivers are penalised for past mistakes, and once your ban has ended and you have your license back we will set out to source the cheapest dr10 car insurance policy for you.

Here is a short video introduction to DR10 Insurance from our Youtube channel:

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