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Scotland looking to lower drink driving limit

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In Scotland it could soon take less than a single pint of beer or glass of wine to put you above the drink driving limit. New proposals that are set to reach the Scottish Parliament are likely to drastically reduce the limit for Scotland’s motorists.

Currently in Scotland the legal limit is 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. Anything higher than this and you can face prosecution for drink driving. The Scottish Government are looking to reduce this limit to just 50mg.

Other countries that enforce a 50mg limit are Spain, France & Germany. This new law would mean that crossing the border in to Scotland, after one drink, could land you with a hefty punishment and a drink driving conviction.

In Scotland there are over seven-thousand convictions for drink driving every year, with approximately 30 fatalaties as a direct result of a drunk driver.

The move has been welcomed by most, especially the families and friends of those hurt or killed in an accident involving alcohol.

The Scottish Government have stated that August is the targeted date to pass a bill altering the current laws.

Drivers who are found guilty of drink driving are very likely to be banned from driving, face heavy fines and in some cases can even face time in prison.

A drink driving conviction can be a life shattering event and the problems do not go away once the driving ban has been completed. Finding car insurance for drink drivers is a very difficult and stressful task because many insurance companies will not offer cover.

DR10 Insurance specialise in finding low cost and reliable car insurance for convicted drink drivers. If you have a DR10 conviction and are looking for car insurance, contact us today for a quote.