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Number of women convicted of drink driving reported to have doubled

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Recent reports have stated that the number of women that are convicted of drink driving offences has almost doubled in recent years. In studies carried out in 1998, female drivers were accountable for approximately 9% of all drink driving convictions. In 2014, however, almost 17% of drink driving offenders are now women.

In the investigations, carried out by Direct Line Insurance & the Rees Jeffres Road Fund, a massive 17% of the people asked admitted that they thought they might have driven whilst over the legal alcohol limit in the last year. Reasons ranged from feeling sober enough to drive to emergency situations, whilst some people simply admitted that they did not think they would be caught.

A drink driving conviction can carry severe penalties and have a major impact on your life. Offenders who are found attempting to or driving whilst over the legal blood alcohol limit can be punished by a prison sentence of up to six months. The offence also carries an penalty of up to a £5,000 fine and 12 month driving ban.

Once your driving ban has finished, you may still continue to be persecuted for your conviction in several ways, for example you could struggle to find employment as you may have a criminal record.

Car insurance for convicted drink drivers can also be very expensive and difficult to arrange as many standard car insurance companies do not offer drink driver insurance due to the serious nature of the offence. There are certain companies that specialist in offering drink driver insurance and it would likely be best to arrange your cover through somewhere such as where we work with specialist insurance companies to offer your best chance of finding a reasonably priced drink driver insurance policy.