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Festive Drink Driving Numbers Down In Derbyshire

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The number of motorists who were caught drink driving over the Christmas period in Derbyshire has dropped compared to previous years.

In 2012, almost half of people under the age of 25 that were tested provided a positive breath test.

DR10 InsuranceIn total there were 391 breath tests carried out during the 2012 campaign and 79 people (20%) gave a positive breath test or failed to provide a breath sample.

In December 2013 the figures had fallen by 5%, meaning that 15% of people tested either provided a positive breath test or failed to provide a breath sample. There were 538 tests carried out during the 2013 campaign.

Throughout the campaign the police offered a reward of £1,000 to anybody who provided information leading to the arrest of a drink driver. This led to 40 calls from members of the public with information.

Drivers who are caught over the legal alcohol limit will often receive a DR10 conviction and will need a special DR10 insurance policy once they are looking to start driving again.

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