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Drink Driver Insurance – Reports outline that car maintenance is currently more expensive than insurance

DR10 Insurance – Maintaining a car more expensive than insuring it

DR10 Insurance reports on new findings of a survey that has revealed the surprising news that the maintenance and repairs required on the average car has now surpassed the cost of the average fully comprehensive insurance policy. Rising Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax), road tolls, congestion charges and the ever spiralling cost of repairs has turned vehicle ownership into something more expensive than ever. However, researchers from have discovered that it’s the first time during the firm’s history that servicing, maintenance and repair costs outweigh the average annual fully-comprehensive insurance premium.

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According to the study, the average fully-comprehensive policy comes in at around £533 in the fourth quarter of last year while average Servicing, Maintenance and Repair (SMR) cost per vehicle totalled £554. Despite this, the competition in the insurance markets is surprisingly driving premiums down at the moment; according to the AA’s quarterly British Insurance Premium index the average fully comprehensive price of £533is down from £663 two years ago. A crackdown on fake insurance claims along with the popularity of online insurance aggregators or price comparison websites is ensuring that customers at the moment are getting the best deal possible.

Dr10 insurance - Car maintenance costs

On the other hand, the SMR market value is now growing by 2.2% a year according to the survey taken by There are many factors that are said to be contributing to this rise such as customers who are holding onto their cars for longer due to the ever constant rise of living costs, thereby meaning vehicles are older so require much more expensive and regular maintenance work. Another factor is a relative lack of garages or skilled workers who contain the technical ability to repair cars and therefore promoting some healthy competition, the opposite effect taking place.

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The best way forward would be to acquire the cheapest insurance possible so that you’re left with enough money to shop around when it comes to the regular maintenance and repair of your vehicle. It’s smart to set yourself up from the start, rather than settle for what you can find and skimp on the work of comparing prices for the best deal possible.

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