Car Insurance For Convicted Drink Drivers
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Drink Driver Insurance & DR10 Motoring Conviction

If you have been convicted of drink driving, finding car insurance can be extremely difficult – specialise in finding insurance for convicted drink drivers and DR10 car insurance.

A DR10 conviction is the UK motoring endorsement that is placed on a driver’s license once they have been convicted of driving over the legal blood alcohol level.

In the UK any motorist that is found to be driving or in control of a motor vehicle on a road or public place can be asked to provide a sample of breath by the police. A breathalyzer will be used to determine of the driver is over the legal drink driver limited.

Finding DR10 insurance is difficult because it is considered high risk by insurance companies to cover somebody that has previously been convicted of drink driving. Because drink driving is a major motoring offence, car insurance companies have determined that somebody with a DR10 conviction is likely to make further claims in the future.

DR10 insurance & drink driver insurance can be found by contactiong a specialist insurance company or broker that deal with high risk cases.

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