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Drink driver Car insurance yet again on the rise

DR10 Insurance explain the AA’s latest findings on Rising car insurance costs rising drink driver insurance costs

In the AA’s latest British Insurance Premium Index, it seems that drink driver car insurance costs are rising again with the cost of a cheap quote for an annual comprehensive policy rising by £6 to £531 between the months of July and September, an increase of 1.2%. The AA has stated that this is the first quarterly rise in the cost of motor insurance for convicted drink drivers that has been recorded since the beginning of 2012. Meanwhile the overall market average for a comprehensive convicted dr10 car insurance policy, which is made up of all quotes rather than just the cheapest deals, has risen more sharply by £36 to £891 during the same period. This is an increase of 4.2%.

drink driver car insurance on rise

The AA has said that while the figures available suggest that competition is still strong and shopping around also provides you with a better deal, claims pressure is now forcing premiums up. Drink Driver Insurers made the effort of reducing prices in anticipation of reforms made by the Laspo (Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders) Act in 2012 which made the promise of cutting the number of fraudulent personal injury claims made, especially those that were related to whiplash. That being said, the AA believe that claims management companies have found certain ways around reforms, many insurers now reporting a huge surge in the number of lower value ‘crash-for-cash’ claims.

These claims are characterised by a driver deliberately braking in order to make the driver behind crash into their rear, the driver then claiming from the innocent party’s insurance company on the grounds of a whiplash injury. The average cost that builds up from meeting these fraudulent claims is estimated as adding around £90 to the typical cost of a car insurance policy. The AA also point to the figures recently released by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) that show over 180,000 attempts were made to receive cheaper car insurance for convicted drink drivers by providing false information to the insurer during 2013, a trend they assume adds an extra £50 to the average annual insurance bill. It’s hoped that the introduction of the My Licence database scheme, which shows insurers any past convictions held by drivers, will help drive down the numbers of fraudulent policies soon.

It’s believed by the AA that many chances for legal reform to change the tide of fraud have been missed, leading to the rises that we’re currently seeing. These reforms could’ve included banning whiplash claims for low speed impacts as well as paying compensation to successful cases to the providers of medical rehabilitation rather than straight to the claimant. Reform suggestions have also been ditched, such as having independent medical panels to assess whether the whiplash claimant has received a genuine injury, as well as increasing the small claims court limit to £5,000 from £1,000. can provide you with the right insurance policy to cover you on the road, not all insurance providers will provide insurance for convicted drink drivers so if you don’t have the right policy you will not be covered. If you have been caught drink driving, then contact where we can work closely with our partners to find you the best Drink Driver insurance policy to keep you on the road. Call us today on 0800 221 8528 or 0161 975 5619.