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How To Get Cheaper DR10 Insurance

Looking for car insurance can be expensive, especially if you’ve been convicted of drink driving in the past and need DR10 insurance, so it pays to shop around, the possible savings stretching into the hundreds.

If you obtain your insurance through a broker or a price comparison site rather than through the insurance company directly, you’ll find that your quote will differ, meaning you’re best to look around and compare before settling on any one policy.

Anyone who has been previously convicted of drink driving will find their quotes to be considerably more than what they’ve paid in the past as the driver has proved that they’re a higher risk for the insurance company. This is even more so the case if you have a DR10 conviction and are looking for DR10 insurance. Sadly, this is just unavoidable and some insurance companies will refuse to provide anyone who has been convicted of drinking driving with a DR10 insurance policy. However, this means there are many insurers who specialise in providing insurance to those with a previous conviction and you may not be forced to pay out as much as you think you are.

Only around 12% of convicted drink drivers will be convicted again within the next ten years, and this is recognised by the companies who can offer specialised car insurance that should keep your premiums low. These companies also take into consideration a completion of The Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course that will also help keep your premiums at a manageable level and reduce the duration of your ban by 25%.

There are other ways to help reduce the price of you insurance, including gaining a quote through the internet, as many insurers will offer a discount for doing so. You could also accept a voluntary excess, most insurers expecting a minimum voluntary excess, which is the amount you’ll pay if you have to make a claim, meaning your premiums will be cheaper the higher your voluntary excess is. If possible, buy into a policy that only covers you to drive the vehicle rather than anyone you give permission to, which will also help you reduce your annual mileage which is also important; the less you drive, the less likely you are to make a claim on your policy. You should also work to keeping your car as safe as possible by keeping it in a secure place such as a garage or driveway, and have extra security measures added to your vehicle. For the cheapest quote contact and we will scour the market for the best rates available.

It’s best to consider who will be driving this vehicle the majority of the time because having someone with no convictions on the policy will help keep your premiums down, and if they’ll be driving the vehicle more it can cost you even less to have them on the policy as the ‘main driver’. You should also be aware what insurance group your vehicle falls into, as the more it costs to repair your vehicle and the greater the size of the engine, the higher your premiums will be. It’s always best to get a car that falls into a cheaper insurance group to help keep your premiums low until your driving record improves.

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