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Cheap DR10 Car Insurance For Convicted Drink Drivers

DR10 Insurance UK are specialists at sourcing low cost car insurance for convicted drink drivers. Contact us today for your low cost quote and get back on the road as soon as possible.

DR10 drink driving insurance

If you have served a driving ban for a drink driving offence, you might think that finding cheap car insurance will now be impossible for you. However there are certain companies that deal solely in arranging car insurance certain categories of drivers that are seen as “high risk” in the insurance industry.

Car insurance for convicted drink drivers, such as DR10 insurance, is quite often one of the most expensive and hard to find types of insurance policy. Because a drink driving offence is one of the most serious that can be committed, the offending driver will effectively have a red flag over their head when applying for car insurance.

The DR10 conviction means that car insurance companies will now see you as a high risk customer. This primarily means that they think there is a high chance that you will be involved in future incidents resulting in claims against your policy. As a result of this, it is very likely that the quotation they return will have much higher premiums when compared to a car insurance quote for somebody without a DR10 conviction.

Don’t let the high quotations returned by most car insurance companies put you off, as there are certain car insurance companies that can help you to find low cost car insurance for convicted drink drivers, such as DR10 Insurance UK. The key to finding cheaper DR10 insurance is to contact a company that can compare many quotations for drink driver insurance and return the lowest price quotes for you. By working with several companies that deal with high risk car insurance cases we are often able to return a quote much cheaper than a standard car insurance company can.

There are other ways to help reduce the premiums on your drink driver insurance policy, such as completing one of the recognised drink driver rehabilitation courses that are available. Ultimately the key is contacting the right company to deal with finding your DR10 insurance policy.

Contact DR10 Insurance UK today to arrange low cost car insurance for convicted drink drivers. We can be contacted free by telephone or you can fill out the form on our site for a free call back.