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Black box car insurance to take over in the next decade

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Recent trends are suggesting that within 10 years all motorists could be expected to have “black box” technology fitted into their car for insurance reasons. The devices, which will record a whole range of data, from number or journeys, time of usage and speeding and braking trends, couild become common practise for all of the UK’s largest car insurance companies.

Telematics systems are only used in a small portion of insurance agreements at present, mainly for new and young drivers to help reduce their high car insurance premiums. However as the technology improves, and premiums continue to creep higher, they could become the norm within the next decade.

The first use of such devices in private cars started back in 2003, the costs were simply too high for insurance companies to use widespread. On average it would cost £130 for the telematics device to be professionally installed into the customer’s vehicle. As younger drivers typically pay more for their insurance, the cost was easier to absorb into the premium which is why these drivers are the main target for this type of policy.

Drivers with convictions could be expected to have a black box device fitted in their car to monitor their driving behaviour, especially if they have had a conviction relating dangerous driving practises in the past. A motorist that is looking for DR10 insurance may have such a device to show that their driving is safe and to keep their premium as low as possible. Time will tell how the insurance industry will use telematics and how much of an effect they will have on premiums.

It’s also possible that new cars will soon have this sort of technology fitted as standard direct from the manufacturer. New EU regulation could mean that by late 2015 all cars will have a black box fitted, arguing that this will assist emergency services in locating vehicles involved in accidents. Once these devices are fitted in all new cars, will insurance companies and other authorities be able to use the data recorded for other purposes? Only time will tell. It is apparent, though, that this kind of technology is going to change motoring.

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