Car Insurance For Convicted Drink Drivers
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About Us

Here at DR10 Insurance UK we have a team of fully trained advisors ready to take your call. If you have a drink driving conviction and need DR10 insurance then we are able to help.

Every year there are close to tens of thousands of motorists that are convicted of drink driving. For driving over the legal alcohol blood content limit, drivers can expect to receive a DR10 conviction. After receiving the drink driving DR10 conviction you will be fined and banned from driving. Once your driving ban has been completed you will need special DR10 insurance to be allowed to drive again.

There are very few insurance companies in the UK that will offer insurance for a convicted drink driver. Standard motor insurance companies will simply not offer insurance for DR10 convicted drivers. This means that to find DR10 insurance you will have to find a specialist insurance company that deal with drink driver insurance. There are such companies that exist and although it is difficult, finding DR10 insurance is possible. However, finding DR10 insurance at an affordable and competetive rate is not easy.

DR10 Insurance UK are one of the few places that are able to offer insurance for convicted drink drivers. We work closely with several insurance companies that specialise in convicted driver insurance and DR10 drink driver insurance. By building a strong working relationship with these drink driver insurance companies we are able to offer the best rates on the market for DR10 insurance.

We understand how hard it can be to find DR10 insurance and it is our aim to make the process as easy, quick and cheap as possible. Throughout the DR10 Insurance UK website you will find information and advice on how to lower your DR10 insurance premiums.

Our team of insurance advisors are trained to deal with queries regarding insurance cases that are considered “high risk”, such as insurance for motorists with drink driving DR10 convictions. If you have previously been convicted of drink driving and are struggling to find the DR10 insurance that you need, we can help – even if you have been refused insurance elsewhere.